Thursday, March 31, 2011

The truth...

Tuesday 1st of March 2011 9AM

My body feels like its on fire, I can’t stand up because it hurts too much. My thoughts feel all muddled up. I feel this may be my last entry before I turn, so there are a few things I need to get off my chest.

I’m sorry to my neighbour (not the one with the annoying brat). I was the one that took a dump on your front door last Halloween. My neighbours name was Andrew deSouci, birthday unknown. He lived alone.

To my friends band ‘The Stone Agers’, sorry guys you really did suck.

To the random guy who asked for change every day, get a job you hippy!

Ok on to the serious stuff...

Mom and Dad, I’m sorry I haven’t spoken to you in over 2 years. What happened was not your fault and I don’t blame you for that. My parents’ names are Caroline Matthews and Steven Matthews. Caroline was born August 25th 1955, and Steven was born January 28th 1961.

My brother and sister, how annoying you are but I still love you both. Their names are Kym Matthews and James Matthews. Kym was born June 1st 1991, and James was born October 6th 1994.

And to my beautiful lost love Natalie, born July 6th 1982 – your last name I keep forever with me. I lied to everyone in the diary that I had no-one to care for. You were lost to me in the early days, which is why I was hiding on that rooftop. I couldn’t come to terms that you were taken away from me. I die knowing full well I was one of the few lucky people in the world who had found his true love...

*The rest of the page has been water damaged*

Wednesday, March 30, 2011


Monday 28th of February 2011 10:30AM

I feel like absolute crap, I look like I’ve been beat up by an angry mob. My face is all swollen, my four broken fingers hurt, my back hurts, my ribs hurt... And on top of that I’ve run out of first aid supplies, so no more pain killers for me!

After my incident last night, I managed to get into this warehouse nearby without running into the freaks. I closed the door behind me and pushed a desk against it, not that it will hold them but I feel safer knowing it’s going to make a hell of a noise should someone try to come in. I used what first aid supplies I had to ‘fix’ myself as best I could. Pushing four broken fingers back into place was the worst part, I nearly blacked out from the pain.

I can feel the virus going through my body. I found a small mirror here and manage to get a look at myself, I can see little black spots appearing on my face, my eyes are becoming a milky white, and I’ve got patches of brown appearing on my arms and legs. I’m not sure how long it takes before I lose my mind, but so far I feel very relaxed considering the situation. I think I’ll make myself as comfortable as I can right here. I’ve done enough running over the past weeks, and I have little hope of finding that survivor now anyway.

I’m feeling very sleepy of all a sudden, so I think that’s enough writing for now.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

And the hero will drown...

Sunday 27th of February 2011 11PM

I’ve titled this entry from one of my favourite songs back when the world was normal, and before you jump ahead, no, I don’t think of myself as a hero... but what happened in the last couple of hours will definitely explain the drowning part for you.

I didn’t think I had a chance against that creature. Once I closed my diary and placed it on the floor, I took my pack off. In my left hand I had my machete, in my right, the shotgun. I stood there in front of the door waiting for him to break it open, at this point in time I had given up. I knew this was the end for me, but I was tired of running. It was a strange moment in time, when everything seemed to slow down, the rain coming through the broken window, my breathing, everything was in slow motion. The splintering wood that hit my leg soon snapped me out of it.

This was it, the door finally gave way, and there in the archway was the creature. The first part I saw were those piercing glowing orbs that it had for eyes. It took a couple of steps forward and stood there. I gripped my weapons with a deathlike grip and screamed at it ‘Come on and get this over with!’ the creature snarled and bared it teeth, then charged towards me. I raised my shotgun and fired, at this close range there was no chance in missing and the slug hit the creature in the ribs – now all this happened within a split second because in reality the creature was probably only 5 steps away from me. The slug didn’t seem to deter it at all, and it hit me with such force that it drove me into the wall behind. I swung my machete (which was still in my left hand), and it connected with its shoulder, the creature howled in pain. It stood up, and for the first time I actually saw just how big this thing was.

It was easily a full head bigger than me. It grabbed my machete from its shoulder, and threw across the room. I did the last thing it expected, and charged at him! I tackled it to the ground, and began punching it as hard as I could. It felt like I was punching a brick wall, but I continued to pound it. It howled when a few of my stray punches connected with its face, and it threw me off. I landed hard on the ground face down. The creature came over and stood on my back, and with a swing of its arm clawed my back. Pain shot up through my body and I screamed for the first time in my life.

The creature howled but this time it was a victory howl, and somewhere nearby I heard the freaks howl in return. This creature was calling them. I was dazed and my vision narrowed, but right in front of me was my machete. I reached out for it with my left hand but the creature noticed and stomped on my hand, I heard a snapping noise and knew straight away that I had broken something. My fingers were now at a weird angle. Again I screamed in pain...

I willed myself to move and not give up, don’t die like this! I wriggled sideways, which was just enough to throw the creature off balance – I reached out for my machete and turned over. The creature jumped at me, and in one slow motion swing, my machete hit the creature on the neck, severing its head from its body. Its limp body landed right next to me, its head rolled off to the side – the eyes were no longer glowing.

So that’s it, it’s all over, I’ve been scratched which means I’m infected. My body hurts like hell, I can see my veins throbbing which is weird (signs of the virus I guess). I’m proud of myself though, of what I’m accomplished, of how much I’ve grown. I went down fighting, not hiding on rooftop or running.

I’ll continue to write as much as I can before I turn. But for now I need to attend my wounds, and get to safety before the freaks turn up.

Monday, March 28, 2011

The End?

Sunday 27th of February 2011 9:30PM

I knew it was foolish to come here. I should have listened to my instincts. I’m stuck in a dead end street with that crawling creature just outside door, and it’s only a matter of seconds before he breaks the door down. This could be my last entry so before I die I want you to know I’m grateful for you, I’m grateful for finding you, I’m grateful that you accompanied me, and most of all – I’m grateful for you giving the strength for what I’m about to do.

Time to open the door and say hello to my little friend...

Lost and found...

Sunday 27th of February 2011 10:45AM

I got my machete back! I found it right where I thought it would be, in the ally way. But man am I tired. After all that running early this morning, and the thought of that creature lurking around somewhere, I must have gotten around 10mins of actual sleep. And can you believe it’s still raining? Someone up there still loves me.

You’ll have to excuse me if my writing gets all over place, you see I’m not quite myself right now. So where am I hiding at the moment? In some office block, near the central business district, that horrid creature I came across last night must be tracking me. I can hear it wailing every now and then, and I swear its getting closer to me, which is why I must keep moving.

Sooner or later I’m going to have to deal with it...

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Hell on earth...

Sunday 27th of February 2011 2:30AM

These past few hours have been hell for me, I’m running on pure adrenaline right now. Anything that moves or makes a sound and I’m ready to shoot at it, I thought by writing in here it might help calm my nerves.

A few hours ago I was in an apartment block around three floors up. I heard something roaming around, and then I heard glass breaking. That crawling creature found me! I have no idea what the hell it is, but it managed to find me in that apartment block. I had no time to do anything except run. Since I’m not totally stupid I had kept everything in my pack just in case of a situation like this. Unfortunately this creature had the lower staircase covered, so I had to run up. This was one of those older type apartment blocks so there was one central staircase which spiralled around the middle, and between the staircase was the lift (non-operational of course). I ran up and up, I lost count of how many floors there actually were. This creature right on my tail, I could hear it thumping up the stairs. I didn’t even dare look back to see how close it was. When I reached the top floor I smashed through the fire escape door shoulder first. Once on the roof I had no-where to go. I thought there might have been a ladder heading down but I was wrong. And then the creature reached the roof.

I stood there in the rain looking at it, knowing full well this creature was a lot stronger than your average freak. I was a lot closer to it this time around, and I noticed that apart from its spine jutting out, there was some sort of brown liquid oozing from holes in its back. Its hands were missing most of its skin, and in some places you could actually see the bones. It also had teeth protruding through the side of its cheeks where patches of meat were missing. I actually felt physically ill looking at it. It sniffed the air towards me, why did it keep doing that? Then it hit me... it was blind. The red glow was coming from empty eye sockets. I looked behind me to the next apartment block, the jump I could probably make but I would need a run-off. Screw this I thought, there is no way I can take this thing on right now.

I ran from where I was and jumped as far as I could. I hit the edge of the building hard but managed to hold on and pull myself over. Without missing a beat, I got up and ran. I didn’t look back to see where the creature was, or whether it was actually still following me.

I’m resting on the ground floor this time... not making the same mistake twice. During my jump I must have dropped my machete because it’s no longer strapped to my pack. I’m glad the shotgun is still there, although I do feel a little naked without my machete. My plan is to rest up until first light, then head into the ally way where I jumped over to look for my machete. And then I press on...

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Things that go bump in the night...

Saturday 26th of February 2011 11PM

Something is in here with me, I can hear it. It sounds like a cat scratching a wall, mixed with heavy breathing and groaning... I’m making this entry to calm my nerves, because I’m freaking out right now. Why am I freaking out? Well I’m in a dark, dank building with no lights, and tiny torch, and something lurking around close by. I’m just glad it didn’t catch me while I was sleeping.

Talking to you seems to do something for me. It gives me clarity and stops me from going completely nuts. I guess I should go take a look at what’s making that noise? Wait one second... Jesus Christ help me, that crawling creature is back... I need to go now!

Monday, March 21, 2011

Run rabbit run...

Saturday 26th of February 2011 1:10PM

I’m holed up in some old apartment block, I know, not the best place to be in. I had no other choice as the freaks started to swamp me. Since I got into the city it’s been run, shoot, reload, repeat. The fact that it’s still raining is probably the only reason I haven’t been swamped. Although like I said, it’s been close.

I did my final checklist in the early hours of the morning. I must have looked like an idiot jumping up and down making sure nothing in my pack was making noise. I came into the city from the south, as I got closer I went from car to car hiding where I could. My first trouble came when I ran into the first group of freaks. I had no choice but to get rid of them, I was sick of trying to find another way into the city. There were around ten of them, which to me was a little worrying considering I have never taken on ten in a direct fight. I had two options left, either run straight and true, or dispatch all of them. Both options presented considerable risk. If I ran straight, they would definitely notice and come running, which would potentially attract even more. The second option was probably the best, although I ran the risk of getting bitten or scratched which would end my trip. If you have half a brain you’ve probably realised by now that I survived because I’m writing this right?

I got as close as I could to the freaks without them noticing me. The plan was simple - charge in guns blazing and kill them all. As I was running I aimed my shotgun at the nearest freak and fired, my shot went wild and missed (note to self: running and shooting like they do in the movies does not work, unless you have machine gun). The only thing this was successful in doing was announcing I was there. I took my machete out and swung as hard as I could. I hit the first freak in the middle of the head which killed him instantly. I pulled my machete out of his head and quickly climbed onto the nearest car. This was where I would make my stand. The rest of the freaks all reached me at once, all nine of them. Like a mad man I began swinging my machete, I hacked off the arms of the few nearest freaks, their limbs still twitching as they lay on the ground. Two of them were smart enough to climb onto the bonnet of the car and try from that angle, the first one I managed to kick back off. The second one had my machete embedded deep into his neck, he stood for a brief moment with his head slumped at an unnatural angle before falling off the car, this left around four to worry about.

The remaining freaks were a lot easier to deal with as I could keep an eye on all of them. Shortly after they joined the rest in a gruesome puddle of blood and severed limbs. I thought my ordeal was over, so I climbed down off the car and reloaded my shotgun, and headed towards the city.

As I got into the city I realised that the ten freaks I ran into was just a warm-up. They were absolutely everywhere! It wasn’t long before I was noticed, and so I did the only thing I could... run. And that’s how I ended up in this apartment block. It was the only place to run where they couldn’t see me enter the building. Even though it’s only slightly past midday I think I’ll stay here for the night.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Kiss me...

Friday 25th of February 2011 6PM

It’s been raining non-stop since around midnight last night, which for me is good news. The more noise the rain makes, the less chance those freaks will hear me. I’ve been preparing myself for tomorrow, as I make my final dash into the city. I cannot afford to waste anymore time trying to find another way in.

My checklist for tomorrow is:

a) Extra shells in pockets
b) Machete sharpened
c) Anything in my pack that makes noise is taped and secured

I’ve always been a fan of the old KISS principle (keep it simple stupid). No need to over complicate things right? Anyway I’ve got to go. I’ve just started a fire to cook some of this meat I got from the old farm house. Once in the city I highly doubt I can start a fire without getting swamped by those freaks.

Wish me luck...

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Cat and mouse...

Thursday 24th of February 2011 8PM

My attempts to sneak into the city are just not working, there are freaks everywhere! I have already exhausted a quarter of my ammo skimming the outskirts of the city trying to find a way through. Yesterday was when I realised I wasn’t alone, and so like the fool I was, I charged in.

Funny enough I had little trouble sitting in the open yesterday with a fire going, I had one freak who interrupted my sleep, and he was easily dispatched. I got up fairly early this morning, as I didn’t want to leave a huge gap between me and the survivor. I mean he or she was in a car, and here I was running and walking. You’re probably thinking why haven’t I just jumped into a car too?

In the early days of the outbreak I was in a car with some random people, trying to escape a horde of freaks. Everyone in the car was screaming and panicking, including the driver. The freaks were charging after us and eventually we drove down a dead end road where we were swamped. Everyone in the car completely lost it, and started trying to jump out and run but each time someone tried getting out they would just get eaten alive. I witnessed this in the most horrific way - blood was spraying everywhere, people screaming like feral animals, limbs falling into the car.

I barely escaped, I managed to crawl into the boot of the car and close the small hole between the seats before any of those freaks noticed. During the time I was in the boot, the vehicle was left running, so there was this horrid sound of the engine of the car mixed with people dying. I stayed there for hours waiting until all the screaming and moaning had passed. To be honest I have no idea why I came out of that alive, I should have died there and then... But I didn’t, and now I have this fear of cars. Being inside one doesn’t scare me. It’s just the sound of one while it’s running. I know that sounds strange to you, but you put yourself in that situation, and come find me and let me know how it feels.

That’s enough digging into my memory for one day... I need to keep a clear head for what’s to come.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Get to the chopper...

Wednesday 23rd of February 3:45PM

Well I’m here at the outskirts of city, sitting by a campfire cleaning my gun. My journey towards the city is getting harder and harder. Tuesday was pretty much smooth sailing, however from Tuesday night? That’s a different story.

So there I was Tuesday night sleeping in a hotel in a small suburb outside the city, no signs of life yet found I would just like to note. Not exactly sure what time it was, but it was the sound that woke me up. A horrible wail, almost like a wolf howling at the full moon, I ran to the window with my shotgun in hand and there across the road was a pack of those things shambling down the road together. But that’s not what caught my attention. There lingering at the back of the pack was a creature hunched over, crawling along the ground sniffing the air like a dog. You could clearly see it was once human. Its spinal cord was jutting out, and its face still almost resembled a human, almost... It had red glowing eyes which seemed a little too bright, like radiation or something like that. It stopped directly across from my hotel and sniffed the air towards me, I stood peaking out through the curtains, I didn’t even realise I had stopped breathing.

This new creature sniffed the air a few more times in my direction. Then it stopped and opened its eyes wide, and let out that horrible wail. The pack of freaks stopped walking forward, and they all turned towards my hotel. Great I thought - how the hell am I going to get out of this one?

There were way too many of them for me to handle with my machete and single barrel shotgun. Another problem was I had nowhere to run, you see I was in one of those single level hotels, or I think they refer to them as motels? Who knows and frankly at the time I didn’t really care. I was out of options, I had become careless and relaxed and my gear was spread out through the room, there was no way I was leaving this stuff. So I quickly turned my bed over against the door and jammed the wardrobe against the window and braced myself. Here they come. I heard them running up the railing and along the balcony. As they reached my door I raised my shotgun at the ready.

Then I heard a loud bang from a few rooms down. Glass sprayed out onto main road, and then I saw it.

A survivor...

I was so shocked I stood there motionless. I watched this person leap from the window, land on the grass and roll like some sort of commando. The creatures were on to the survivor so fast. As this person was running they took something out of their pocket and pressed what looked like a remote control. A dark van up ahead roared to life. This person was definitely well prepared. With one quick motion the person jumped into the van and sped off in the direction of the city. The freaks charged off after them.

Now I’m camped out on the main road with a fire going hoping that I’m more visible so any other survivors will see me. I’ve set out trying to track this other survivor down but I’ve got no previous skills in tracking anything apart tracking when my next free coffee was due. One more thing to note before I end this entry, I have no idea where that crawling creature went. I certainly didn’t see it run after the van like the rest of the freaks. Tonight I sleep with my gun in hand.

Monday, March 7, 2011

She sells sea shells by the seashore...

Monday 21st of February 9PM

I had a fantastic meal before I left the house I was squatting in. It was fairly hard to leave such a nice place, in spite of everything happening right now I was content to stay right there. I left taking as much of the food as I could carry, and of course my new shotgun! I found a crap load more shells in the shed before leaving this morning. I took a little time shooting a few rounds off in the field making sure I understood what this thing could do. I was tempted to saw off the barrel like they do in the movies but decided against it, considering I had no idea what it was suppose to do?

I set out before midday after spraying the door of the house with my usual tag, and as I was walking along the road I realised there was something else I missed more than a medium rare steak... music... It’s been so long since I heard music! What I wouldn’t give to hear some music! I would even go as far as saying I would listen to the homeless guy that used to sing in the park for spare change, I think he used to sing ‘baa baa black sheep’...

As you can tell there hasn’t been much else to write about, I got a little more target practise on a few freaks along the way, and that’s about it. I have noticed that they are getting faster again. Maybe the closer I get to the city the more food there is for them? I definitely need to be more cautious as I get closer. I think that it will only take me a few more days to get there.