Sunday, September 25, 2011

Transcripts of a radio call...

Tuesday 8th of March 2011 Time: Unknown (early morning)

“Hello? Hello? Can anyone hear me?”


“This is Lt Lars of the human freedom fighters, identify yourself?”

“You can hear me? This is amazing! My name is Cody Matthews and I’m all alone. I don’t exactly know where I’ am but there are a lot of dead soldiers here, whatever happened here I just missed it”

“Mr Matthews, are any of the soldiers alive? Any of them?”

“I’m sorry Lt, but I’ve been here for last 30mins looking around, I checked each and every person but they are all dead. What happened here?”

“Those men were meant to hold off the undead for as long as they could while we evacuated this centre. They were only the first wave. You must get out of the area as fast as you can Mr Matthews”

“Please just call me Cody, what do you mean first wave? where are you camped?”

“We are camped north of....can’t.... dangerous.....get out of.... now!...around you!”

I’m only taking a short break to write down what just happened. I can’t explain everything just yet! I have to move fast. The freaks are close, my god I’ve never seen so many before, I have to go now!

But before I do, Happy 30th birthday Cody...

Sunday, September 18, 2011

House of horrors...

Monday 7th of March 2011 Time: Unknown (approximately midday)

Great my watch is now out of battery, is anything else going to go wrong! I’m in great mood right now (note sarcasm). The reason I’m in a great mood? Well I just had to hack a child into pieces, that’s why! I know it’s not the first time I’ve taken a child freak out, but something about killing this one just broke my heart.

It happened in a small suburb I was walking through. Everything in this place was so run down just like everything else in this god forsaken world. I could just imagine this suburb as being one of those typical white picket fence sort of area. Mother’s walking their babies down the streets whilst the father is outside mowing the lawn, and the eldest son is washing the car. That was back then. Now it was a haven for the undead, or freak, whatever it is I usually call them. I’ve never really given it much thought as to why I call them freak? Undead just creeps me out I guess! Too many zombie movies...

So here I was walking through, trying to keep low key. I came across this house that looked perfect for grabbing some supplies. It had large front windows where I could see in, the front door was missing and it was two floors. Usually the duel floor houses had bedrooms at the top, and everything else down on the ground floor which meant everything useful to me would be downstairs.

I entered the front room with caution, machete already in my hand. You could easily tell this place had been sacked. Everything was just thrown on the floor. I knew straight away I wouldn’t find much, but I continued to look around just in case. After looking around on the bottom floor for a while the best I could find was a tin of corn... I HATE corn, yes I know, weird right! You never know how things might turn out so I took it anyway. I was about to leave when I noticed a strange crack in the wall, it was a little too perfect so I went over to investigate. The crack was just below a painting. I took the painting off the wall and felt around, I used my machete to dig into the wall and to my surprise a large square fell off. Behind it was a safe. It was obviously a gun safe because there was a police stamp above the safe, which meant a police officer lived here. It was pin coded and ran off its own battery, I could tell because a little green light was still blinking. I had little chance of getting into it. This was the part where I should have given up and walked out.

I thought to myself,” what the hell, the pin could be written down upstairs somewhere”. I went upstairs trying to make as little noise as possible. When I reached the top, I noticed it was a 3 bedroom house, 2 bedrooms on the left, and one on the right, with a bathroom just on the left side as well. I opened the door at the end, and as I opened the door the most horrific smell escaped and made my legs buckle. I fell to the floor and vomited. When I looked in, I saw two rotting bodies on the bed... or at least half a body each. Mother and Father no doubt. I covered my mouth and nose with a cloth and entered the room to begin my search. I opened the drawers first, nothing but clothes and jewellery but no watch or a sequence of numbers that looked like a pin. I found a few notepads, but after flicking through the pages I found nothing that resembled a pin. One thing I did find was someone else’s diary. It was the wife’s diary. Was it wrong for me to take it? I didn’t think so, and now it’s in my backpack.

I was about to leave the room when I noticed on the bed, the police officers badge. I don’t know why but I reached over and grabbed it nearly vomiting again as I did. There was a sequence of numbers at the bottom which was his serial number but way too long for a pin. I flipped the badge over and on the back was a 5 digit number. Strange how they were etched in don’t you think? I thought so too, so I took the badge to try the number out. I had my back to door at this stage, and I suddenly got that horrible feeling someone was watching me. The hairs on my neck stood up, and I slowly turned around. In the doorway was a child, around 5yrs of age on a small plastic tricycle.

It had something in its hands, part bone and part meat. I looked at the bodies on the bed again, and sure enough this child had been feeding on its parents. I didn’t want to kill it, but it was in the doorway and I couldn’t sneak around it. It knew I was there, and I looked fresh compared to what is had been feeding on. It dropped the current meal and screamed at me, I had no choice. I ran forward and kicked it in the face as hard as I could. The force was enough to snap its weakened neck. It slumped forward dead, or at least I thought so... Its mouth suddenly started making noise again, I kicked it again and it went tumbling down the stairs. It stood up, and started making its way up the stairs. It was something straight out of horror movie watching it crawl up the stairs... It was obviously no match for me but that didn’t stop it from trying. I took my machete out and swung hard hitting the thing in the shoulder. I kept swinging and chopping until there was just a puddle of gore and bits of a human child all over the ground.

I don’t know why but I felt really bad about this one. For crying out loud it was only a small child. I went downstairs and started sobbing uncontrollably for god knows how long. After my little crying episode I picked myself up and went over to the safe, I tried the 5 digit number and the safe clicked open. Inside was a stash of money, and a small black box. I took the box out and broke the flimsy little lock on it, inside was my prize. A standard issue glock, or at least I think it is. This is the type of gun that all cops around here use. I pressed a small button at the top and the cartridge fell out, still fully loaded. There was a stack of 6 clips inside the box and I took them all.

With my new weapon secured to my waist I left that house of horrors. Just writing this and thinking about that little boy is making me feel ill again...