Wednesday, March 30, 2011


Monday 28th of February 2011 10:30AM

I feel like absolute crap, I look like I’ve been beat up by an angry mob. My face is all swollen, my four broken fingers hurt, my back hurts, my ribs hurt... And on top of that I’ve run out of first aid supplies, so no more pain killers for me!

After my incident last night, I managed to get into this warehouse nearby without running into the freaks. I closed the door behind me and pushed a desk against it, not that it will hold them but I feel safer knowing it’s going to make a hell of a noise should someone try to come in. I used what first aid supplies I had to ‘fix’ myself as best I could. Pushing four broken fingers back into place was the worst part, I nearly blacked out from the pain.

I can feel the virus going through my body. I found a small mirror here and manage to get a look at myself, I can see little black spots appearing on my face, my eyes are becoming a milky white, and I’ve got patches of brown appearing on my arms and legs. I’m not sure how long it takes before I lose my mind, but so far I feel very relaxed considering the situation. I think I’ll make myself as comfortable as I can right here. I’ve done enough running over the past weeks, and I have little hope of finding that survivor now anyway.

I’m feeling very sleepy of all a sudden, so I think that’s enough writing for now.

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