Sunday, July 31, 2011


Sunday 6th of March 2011 3AM

So you’re probably wondering what I decided to do... Well let’s just say I still don’t have a gun. The only good news is I’m out of the city. But for that good news, I have 2 parts bad news. The first, I have never been this far north before so I have no idea where I’ am anymore, and the second? Well, let me explain that.

While I was in the vent, I had decided I would go for the gun. So I ventured further back into the vent, in hopes of luring the freaks away from the sports section. After stumbling around in the near dark for what seemed like hours, I found I was a little further down into the shop. This time I didn’t hesitate to make noise, I kicked the mesh as hard as I could, and it came crashing down with a loud bang. The growling and snarling of the freaks told me that they had definitely heard the noise.

I climbed back into the vent and made my way back to the sporting section. I jumped back down, but with caution. I grabbed my shotgun and started making my way towards the front door. I was walking down the stairs when something suddenly grabbed my leg, I fell over the last few steps and hit the ground. I was in pain but I still managed to get up quickly. I scanned around the room and I couldn’t see a thing! But there in corner of the staircase hiding in the dark was one of the freaks. This one was missing both its legs. It was kind of just lying there in a puddle of its own gore. I pulled out my machete and made quick work of it. I started running towards the door because I was certain the freaks had heard me crashing into the ground. I had nearly reached the door when I noticed there were 3 of them standing around near the door. “Great” I thought, this was all I needed. By now the other freaks had started coming down the stairs so I was out of options, I pulled the shotgun out and quickly loaded it. I shot the first freak fair in the face. The other 2 charged at me. I hit the closest one with the butt of the shotgun and it went down, the second quickly succumbed to a quick chop of the machete. I ran to the door and managed to get it unlocked, but I was too late! The freaks had reached me, and once again I was fighting for my life!

I struggled not to get bitten or scratched again, I survived the crawling creature but I didn’t want to test my luck on a bite from the freaks. The door was partially open and I just squeezed through, but one of them had my leg, I pulled hard hoping not to get scratched. I would rather deal with a broken leg, than a bite or scratch mark. My leg broke free at the cost of my boot, god dammit of all things to lose. It gets better, not only did I lose my shoe, but as started running I did a quick glance back, and I noticed one of the freaks holding something. Great! I lost my shotgun too.

As I walk down a dark empty highway I pray it gets a little better for me tomorrow...

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Call a locksmith...

Saturday 5th of March 2011 10PM

This morning I left the warehouse, with most of my gear missing my aim was to backtrack a little to see what I could recover. I really wanted my machete back as it was my best form of defence. I tracked back to where I had the standoff with the crawling creature, there was dry blood everywhere! I was surprised that I had lived through all of that. After rummaging through the debris for a short time, I found what I was looking for. It was like finding a long lost friend, I felt like hugging it. Ok I admit that was a little strange, but what do you expect? I nearly died a week ago, and this thing saved my life!

I set out with caution, as this place was still crawling with freaks. But I couldn’t be too slow. I had a lot of ground to make up. Who knows how far ahead the survivor is, who knows if I’m even heading in the right direction anymore. I’m becoming quite adept at avoiding unnecessary attention. And I slipped through most of the city without incident.

I had come to the edge of the city but I couldn’t leave yet, there was something I really needed. Food! I wish I could go back to that farm house and grab some meat, but that was a 10 day walk in the wrong direction. I spotted a grocery store and thought there had to be something in there. I mean if there was going to be food anywhere around here - it would be in the grocery store right? You see, the cities were among the first to be abandoned during the early days of the outbreak, but funny enough they also became the most heavily infected areas... I guess the freaks just love the dark empty buildings around here.

So I figured, hastily abandoned place = things left behind right?

I got to the front window of the store and looked inside. The main door was chained shut from the outside. I looked in, and lo-and behold the aisles were still so full! But I could see why. The locks weren’t meant to keep people out... it was meant to keep them in. A staff member must have caught the virus and some bright person (no doubt someone in Management) thought it was a good idea to chain everyone up to stop it from spreading.
My plan was simple, they were hungry and I was going to use that against them. I was going to unlock the front door, announce I was there and lead them to an alleyway next to the store. Then I would use the fire escape ladder to climb up onto the roof, this would keep them occupied for days as they try to figure out how to get up. But unknown to them, I will sneak into the air-conditioning vent and slip down into the store and lock the front door back up.

The plan went off without a hitch. The chain on the front was fairly rusted and broke off easily enough. I ran into the store and started screaming like a madman and sure enough the freaks came running out. I ran into the alleyway and quickly climbed up the fire escape ladder, making sure to bring it back up once I reached the first level. I stood there for a minute making sure I had their undivided attention. This was almost too easy, I thought to myself as I climbed into the vent. A short crawl through the vents brought me to the lower part of the store, I carefully removed the mesh, making sure not to make too much noise, and jumped down into the store. I made my way to the front and closed the doors, locking them from the inside. Time to go shopping!

Everything was going great, I had gathered plenty of food and first aid supplies, but and best of all this place has a sporting section. That meant guns! And plenty of them! I had no idea which gun matched which ammo so I tried to find one that looked similar to the one I had found at the farm. There it was, a single barrel shotgun that looked identical. I smiled to myself as I broke the glass. Then it happened...

As the glass shattered an ear piercing alarm went off. What the hell? I thought to myself, then I realised it must be running off a remote battery, why didn’t I think of that!
I managed to escape into the vent before the freaks broke the door down. They seem to be a lot more aggressive when a potential meal is lurking around. I’m in the vent trying to decide whether I try for the shotgun, or do I move on without it...