Sunday, February 27, 2011

Uncle Sam...

Sunday 20th of February 12PM

As I write this, I’m sitting in a beautiful kitchen. I’ve just cooked some lunch with fresh vegetables from the garden here. I also managed to find a pantry full of preserved meat. I’ve been living on canned food for so dammed long it feels like I’m at a 5 star restaurant right now. If I didn’t feel like I had to continue North, I would probably be happy here in this house.

I spotted this house late yesterday afternoon, rather than spend another night out in the open I decided to investigate and possibly stay the night if the place was secure enough. As I approached the front door I noticed that it had been previously boarded up but it had been smashed open. Not the best start. I took my machete out after noticing this, and entered the house cautiously. To the left was the lounge room, and on the right, was a piano room. Sitting down at the piano was the current tenant.

I intended to sneak up behind and pretty much just chop its head off, as I got close to him I kicked a cup on the ground which I didn’t see. The creature instantly turned in my direction, and to my horror it had no face left, well I could see its teeth but its eyes were gone. It looked like someone put his face on a cheese grater. This kind of explained why it didn’t notice me as soon as I walked in the door. The creature got up and started forward towards me, I know it couldn’t see me but it was still dangerous. I walked back towards the front door, but making sure I kept my eyes on this thing the entire time. It shambled forward, tripping over the cup that I had kicked, this was my chance. I ran forward and swung my machete hitting this thing right above the neck, as it hit blood sprayed everywhere. Luckily none of it landed on me.

I dragged his limp body outside and dumped it a little ways from the front door. I checked each room in the house to make sure there were no other surprises lurking about, and what I found in the master room was fantastic. I found my first gun! And it had a box of shells right next to it. I have never actually shot a gun in my entire life, and all I know is that this is a single barrel shotgun. I mean how hard could it actually be to shoot a gun?

I plan to set out early tomorrow taking as much of the food with me as I can. Who knows, I might return to this house one day, but for now I need to keep moving on. Before I set out I will spray the front door with the same message as I sprayed on the car “Cody Matthews – Heading North” followed by the date.

Ok enough writing its time to eat!

Monday, February 21, 2011

Little drummer boy...

Friday 18th of February 2011 5PM

I’ve been walking for four days now, this damn highway never ends! I’ve even started looking for those creatures so I have something to do. I managed to find a few, must have been farmers from the area. Either way, I got a little practice with my knife.

One interesting thing I did come across was a child around the age of 10. Funny how this was the first one I had seen at such a young age. I found him wondering around in a large paddock. At first I thought I’d found a survivor, and as I ran towards him I noticed that wasn’t the case. I immediately stopped once he noticed me, as he looked up I could see he was just another one of them, I actually felt sorry for him. That is, until the little bastard ran at me, a quick boot to the face was all it took to bring this one down. Call me heartless if you will, but as my boot connected with his face, I must admit it felt kind of good and I yelled out “that’s for my letterbox!” that sounds a little random so I better explain that part. You see I had a little brat that lived next door to me, who kept blowing up letter boxes on my street, and this boy kind of looked like him. Well ok, he looked nothing like him but he was a little boy! So that’s close enough right? Ok fine I’ll admit I was just bored and this stupid creature happened to be around.

Well that was the highlight of my 4 days of travelling on this stretch of highway. I guess I better enjoy it while it lasts, because it’s going to be hell trying to get through the big city.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Hop and a skip...

Monday 14th of February 8PM

My arm felt ok this morning so I got up around the 8-9am mark and packed my gear. Before I left the marina I did a little hunting around see if I could locate some useful gear. I managed to find some rope, flares, a few cans of white spray paint, packets of dried fish, and the best thing of all - a nice big knife. I look like some sort of vigilante with this thing strapped to the back of my pack. And so with a few new supplies, I left the marina far behind me I headed north.

I took to walking along the main road. Well I was pretty sure it was the main road, I actually haven’t been this way for a long time. As I walked along I was amazed at how quick everything had deteriorated, I guess without constant attention everything just withers away. I figured that if I stayed along the main road I would eventually come across hotels/motels, and from there I can start searching each one for signs of any survivors. That is, until I reach the next big city. Once I reach there I will really need to be cautious, I imagine the city will be crawling with those things. This city I’m headed to is a lot bigger than the one I left behind. With my current pace, plus a stop over each night (I never travel at night), I estimate that I’ll be there in around 10 days. Although I’ve never walked this distance before so I could be way off in my estimate.

I had been walking all day and saw nothing but trees! It’s such a strange feeling walking down a highway, and not seeing a car, a bird, crickets, nothing.... The world is in complete silence, and I’m still not completely used to it. And now, the night is here and I managed to find an abandoned car. I squeezed through the man hole in the backseat and I’m sleeping in the boot of the car. I don’t want to take any chances of being spotted sitting inside the car. Tomorrow before I set out again, I’m going to spray the side of the car with the spray paint I found at the marina, I’m going to write “Cody Matthews – Heading North” followed by the date. I know it doesn’t sound like much but like I said, I’m no pro writer.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Road to recovery...

Sunday 13th of February 12:45PM

I’ve been asleep for two days now. My last memory was falling asleep on Friday. I’m obviously not infected as I would have been running around like a mindless freak by Friday afternoon if I had been. I’m glad I had enough time to grab my bag, as I have some small first aid supplies stored away in there. I have just finished cleaning and bandaging my arm. I swear the gash looked a lot worse on Friday... So strange

Well there’s not much to do right now because I need to rest a little more, so may as well write in my diary. You know I’ve never said this before, but there have been days where I’ve felt like giving up and joining everyone else that’s infected. But then I think to myself, there must be a reason that I’m here. I mean there was a reason that I started writing in this diary too right? Personally I hate writing, and all that tree hugging hippy crap people write about, but yet here I am. You right now, are my only friend.

I can’t remember the last time I actually saw somebody that wasn’t infected, but you know since I picked up this blank diary and started writing in it, I have been through a lot of crap. So either you’re leading me somewhere good, or you’re planning on killing me! Let’s hope it’s the first one eh?

Once I’m fit to travel I need to head off, when I left that attic I didn’t have much food left. And now well, if I don’t scoff this food I can stay put for another day MAX. I’ve actually never given it any thought as to where I was headed once I left that rooftop. But for now, I think I’m going to keep heading north. I’m going to try and find any survivors. Screw the freaks. I’m confident enough now to take some of them on safely.

That’s enough writing for now, I need to rest again.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Desperate measures...

Friday 11th of February 6AM

Good news is I’m out of the attic, the bad news? I’ve got a really nasty gash on my arm and I don’t know if it was from one of them, or, it happened when I escaped from the attic.

A few hours ago is when it all happened. I heard them scratching at the attic entrance, my guess is that some of them died and the others used them as steps to reach me. Either way, it didn’t matter because now I had no choice but to flee. I ran over to the corner where I had previously removed a tile and began kicking the others, but it was no use as they weren’t budging. I frantically looked around for something I could use, and I found a pipe attached to the wall. I grabbed hold and kept pulling until it gave in. With the pipe in my hand I began smashing the tiles. Once the gap was big enough I grabbed my pack and squeezed through.

Out on the rooftop I was actually able to see just how many of them had gathered around the house. At first I panicked, the ones inside had burst up into the attic, and ran straight towards me. I began hitting them with the pipe as they tried to get through the hole in the roof. It was grisly work, the horrible sound of the pipe as it smacked against their heads, and the blood splattering onto the tiles. I lost count of how many I had actually killed when my arm began getting numb. Then out of no-where I slipped on the tiles, it must have been from the blood. I fell off the roof, and down the side of the house. I was winded, but had no time to rest as I had three of them on me straight away. Just in front of me was the pipe, I grabbed hold and started swinging like a mad man.

The first one I got lucky with and I hit it on the side of the head which snapped its neck. The second was faster and it was already within reach, I brought the pipe back and used it to hold it at bay. I looked around for an escape, and the only way was over the fence next to me. I did what the creature wasn’t expecting and I let the pipe go loose. It fell forward and stumbled, which was all the precious seconds I needed to get over the fence. But stupid me had totally forgotten about the third one, as I was halfway over the fence the third one came bounding in and grabbed my leg, he managed to twist my leg pretty hard before I could shake him off.

My leg was hurting bad, but I had little choice other than to run. Luckily those things aren’t very smart and it will take them a while to either break the fence down, or figure out they can run around it. I ran for as long as I could before nearly passing out, and now I’m resting here in the harbour on a boat. Hopefully they don’t follow me here, because I don’t really think I can put up a fight right now.

The blood loss from my arm was pretty severe. I actually didn’t know it was bleeding until I got here, I feel really shaky and tired right now. I’m praying to god that this isn’t a symptom of the virus.

*The rest of the page is stained with blood*

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Things that go bump in the dark...

Thursday 10th of February 7PM

Not much to report, I’m still stuck in the attic. I managed to remove one of the tiles in the corner without too much noise, so now I can see outside. I hardly got any sleep last night. I got a few mins here and there where I drifted in and out of consciousness, but each time I was about to fall asleep, one of them would start growling.

I really do need to think of something, I’ve only got two days worth of food and water.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

No title...

Wednesday 9th of February 3PM

I’m in deep crap. I woke up around lunchtime to the sound of a hundred dogs trying to eat the same piece of meat. When I opened the blinds to take a look outside I almost went into shock, there must have been at least 50 of them out there! One of them saw me and caused the rest to go into a fit of rage. I had little time to think, I ran to the backdoor but some of them were already there as well, I knew it would only be a matter of time before they got inside. I grabbed what I had and shoved everything into my pack and I ran to the last place I had, the attic.

Now here I am, stuck in a dark attic with horrible wailing sounds coming from below. They all know I’m here and that I have no-where else to go. I need to figure out a way out of this mess. Damn it, how could I have been so stupid.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Strike 3! You’re out....

Tuesday 8th of February 4:30AM

I’ve started to write the time and date before I start any further entries, at least this way should the digital watch run out of battery I will still be able to keep track of the date. Not to mention it keeps me sane, being alone for an extended period is not recommended.

I’ve just woken up after hearing a loud crashing sound out the front of the house. I got up to take a look, and one of those things is outside shambling around “did that thing follow me?”, I’m nearly 100% sure I passed him whilst riding up from the from city. I was extremely cautious when I passed him and I know he didn’t see me, so why the hell is it here now?

I really do think they can sense humans, because he isn’t going anywhere, it’s just standing outside in the front yard looking at the ground. They still give me the creeps. I need to decide if I should go outside and take care of it before it makes anymore noise. Ok you know what? I want to test that theory of the weak spot again. If I don’t make any further entries then you know it didn’t work.

Well I’m back and I’m alive. And wow, that weak spot seems to be it. Not sure if has anything to do with the skull being weak there or something like that, like I said I’m not a doctor. I guess you want me to write what happened? Ok then.

I didn’t have any weapons with me, but I managed to find a nice solid plank of wood just outside the backdoor. I crept around the side of the house with the intent of sneaking up on him, as I walked down the side and approached the front I raised the plank of wood over my head. As I rounded the corner I prepared myself, oh great! It had moved... it was no longer at the front, “where the hell did it go?” I couldn’t help but think about those movies where the stupid hero tries to sneak up on someone only to take his eyes off the enemy, meanwhile the enemy circles around and grabs the hero from behind!

Thinking he was behind me definitely sent a shiver down my spine, but to my relief there it was. It had moved to the middle of the driveway. Well it didn’t really make things easier because now I couldn’t sneak up on it. There was nowhere to hide between me and where it was standing. There was nothing left to do apart from run straight at it, I burst out from hiding and within a few quick strides I had reached it. Of course by this time it had noticed me too and turned to face me, with a snarl it raised its arms with the intent of ripping off my face no doubt.

Either I was lucky or I was quicker, before it had a chance to attack I swung the plank and it smashed against the side of its head. It frothed at the mouth and fell to the ground, it was still slightly moving so I stomped on its head. Now it was definitely dead. I felt like writing “Cody Matthews Was Ere” on its forehead but decided against it. I may be going crazy at times, but I’m definitely not going to start turning into a country hick.

That took a while to write, but it actually happened within the last 30mins. I’m tired, and exhausted, and I’ve never been a morning person. The world may have turned to crap, but I still refuse to get up early if I don’t need to, that being said, I'm going back to bed.

Monday, February 7, 2011

One man's trash...

So here I am, in a little house a few hours north of the city. It’s been a few days since I left the safety of the rooftop. I actually lost track of how long I was up there for, why did I go there to begin with? I’m not sure, but everyone knows humans are creatures of habit, and perhaps what I did was purely out of habit.

I had little trouble leaving the rooftop, apart from one minor hiccup. As I reached the door to the loading dock I could hear one of them breathing, it sounded like someone with a blocked throat trying to breathe fast and heavy. I figured I could just open the door really fast and knock him over, giving me enough time to get away. And so I did, I pushed the door open as fast, and as hard as I could – I hit it right smack in the face. The moment I set foot outside I started running. As I glanced back I managed to miss a chuck of tarmac sitting in the middle of the road... And over I went. I fell pretty hard considering I had an extra 20 or so kilos loaded into my pack. I scrambled to get up as fast as I could but within seconds it was on my back. The worst thing about them is the way they smell up close, imagine a dead fish sitting in a hot vent for a few weeks, get it? Well times that by 10 and you’ll get a rough idea.

I struggled to try and keep this thing on my back, why on my back you ask? Well there was a pack separating him from me, and because I knew the further it was away from me, the less chance I had of getting scratched or bitten. Although the longer I stayed on the ground pinned down, the more chance his friends would hear and come running. This one in particular was extremely viscous, it kept clawing at my pack and I heard a couple of its fingers snap during its rampage. During our scuffle I managed to grab the chuck of tarmac I tripped over, and with one wild desperate swing I hit it right on the temple. After that hit it stopped moving and slumped down.

Note to self: Something worth watching for in the future, I wonder if that’s a weak spot?

I climbed back onto my feet, and without waiting to see if it really was dead I set off again. This time I kept a low profile, ducking and weaving in-between the old abandoned cars. I managed to find one form of transport, a woman’s bicycle. Great I thought to myself, of all the transport I could manage to scrounge up, a woman’s bike, oh it was a fantastic shade of pink as well. Well, I guess you can’t be too picky in this world.

So I rode for a few hours without any hassle from those things, and I set up shop in this small house, I spent the first couple of nights fixing the broken windows, and making sure this place was ‘freak proof’, and now I’m settling in for another night. One thing I managed to find here in one of the drawers was a digital watch, so now I know the date. As I write this it’s the 7th of February 2011, looks like I missed the New Year celebrations...

Another note to self: My birthday is in 4 weeks time, will have to think of something to do to celebrate it, after all I am turning 30.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Now and then

Well, here I’ am just as promised. Between me and you, I’m starting to like this diary, makes me feel like I have someone to talk to. I plugged up the vent quite well. They tried getting through because I could hear em all night scratching at the metal plate I welded up to cover the vent.

So just looking back at my last entry I had finished explaining what happened to poor old John, so I guess I should start from there.

As I was saying, I went back to the police station to give a statement of what had happened, I even mentioned that I had attacked John when he refused to let go of Mark. The police didn’t really seem concerned with my statement to be honest, they just wrote down everything I said and then an officer dropped me home. I found that kind of strange considering a man had just died. Anyway, by the time I got dropped off home it was fairly late, I had a quick shower and pretty much fell asleep.

What happened over night, who knows? All I know is that this virus spread into our city like wildfire, in those few hours I slept, hell opened its gates into our city. And John was the first victim...

I guess I should explain the virus itself right? This virus apparently is a weird strain of rabies, that’s what someone told me ok! So don’t call me out on that. I don’t know anything about viruses or anything scientific and I’m not going to start pretending I do. This is all I can actually tell you about the virus

1) It’s not airborne
2) It can be contracted by getting bitten by another person infected with it
3) They seem to be only interested in the non-infected

What does this virus do you ask? Well chances are if you’re still alive and reading my diary then you know. But if you don’t then here, I’ll explain it for you anyway. This virus seems to alter a person’s perception of what’s right and wrong, once someone has this virus they go crazy. It’s not like those movies you’ve seen where they crave human brains or something weird like that, no not at all. They just attack you for no apparent reason, yeah I know, that’s the worst explanation ever. Unfortunately for you, it’s the best I’ve got.

That one night where everything changed was a while ago now, since then the world has gone back to basics, no power, no running water, none of that.

In the first few weeks people were in absolute chaos, it was a complete free for all, no safety zones, no military pick up, none of that crap. I was one of the few that didn’t leave my home, I had no-where to go, no family to visit, no one to care for... I was all alone. Eventually I had to venture out as I had run out of food, and I had no water left. The biggest mistake I ever made was leaving my home, once I did I was swarmed by those freaks, lucky for me I escaped by taking another car that had the keys in the ignition.

And so in the weeks after that, I had learned to survive and scavenge what I could. I ran into a few people hiding here and there but those that were infected always seemed drawn to us when we were in groups. So I left on my own again, this time I decided to come here on the rooftop of where I used to work, I dragged some gear up here and enough food for a while. I must admit, it’s getting awfully lonely up here.

So there you have it, that’s what happened up until now. I was considering throwing this diary off the rooftop again just to see where it lands, and in hopes that someone might one day pick it up and read it. But you know what? I think I’ll hold onto it just a little longer. I think it’s also time I left this rooftop and ventured out, and you know what else? I think you should join me...

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

How it all began, again...

Ok let me start again, or rather, let me start from where I left off yesterday. You’d better appreciate this because it took me two friggen hours to find this stupid diary after I threw off the building. Do you realise how hard it is to find something this small in the dark, with those things roaming around? I guess you don’t because I failed to try and explain it to you yesterday.

So let me try this again, wait... I just checked my first entry and realised I’ve never properly introduced myself. Ok ok, I’ll just do this thing.

My name is Cody Matthews and this is my story of survival in a world gone crazy (how much does that sound like a script for a movie? Ha!). So yesterday I was explaining how it all started for me, and how I found John. If you don’t know who John is, then I suggest you read my first entry because I ‘m not going to write all that again, and if the page is missing all together? Well you can thank those freaks for ripping it up.

So back to John. After he had broken his leg and fallen over, he let out a high pitch wail. This got the attention of others in the office, a few that were close by came running in to see what had happened. By this time I had my back against the wall. Those that came running in were in complete shock after seeing John lying on the floor all bloodied up. John moved his head up, and looked directly at me (I’ll always remember the look in his eyes). It was like something had snapped in John, and again he wailed. He stretched out his arms and started crawling towards me, he couldn’t get a proper grip on the tiles so he kinda thrashed around on the ground. One of the guys who I didn’t recognise went towards John to help him, and as he placed his hand on John’s arm, John growled and bit him! That’s right! He bit him! Right on the leg!

This spurred me into action, and I grabbed the unknown guy by the waist and tried to pull him away. The rest was a blur for me to be honest, I remember freaking out and I have flash backs of kicking John in the head. The only other memory I have after that is me lying in the corner of the bathroom puking up my guts. I also remember looking over at John as he lay there motionless, and I kept thinking to myself “oh god I killed him!”

The police and ambulance arrived sometime later, I’m not quite sure when. The guy who had his leg bitten introduced himself to one of the cops as Mark Neary, I recognised the name immediately. He was the CEO of our company. I agreed to head to the police station to give my statement, there was no point in going to the hospital, I mean I didn’t get injured right? Just because I vomited my Singapore noodles (not that you needed to know that).

Hold on, one of those bastards is up here, I can hear him...

Ok I’m back, tricky little shit crawled up into the vent. Anyway, so that’s what happened to John, and how it all started. Tomorrow I’ll tell you what happened between then and the now. But for now I need some rest, and I need to seal this vent to make sure none of them can sneak up on me while I sleep tonight.