Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Cat and mouse...

Thursday 24th of February 2011 8PM

My attempts to sneak into the city are just not working, there are freaks everywhere! I have already exhausted a quarter of my ammo skimming the outskirts of the city trying to find a way through. Yesterday was when I realised I wasn’t alone, and so like the fool I was, I charged in.

Funny enough I had little trouble sitting in the open yesterday with a fire going, I had one freak who interrupted my sleep, and he was easily dispatched. I got up fairly early this morning, as I didn’t want to leave a huge gap between me and the survivor. I mean he or she was in a car, and here I was running and walking. You’re probably thinking why haven’t I just jumped into a car too?

In the early days of the outbreak I was in a car with some random people, trying to escape a horde of freaks. Everyone in the car was screaming and panicking, including the driver. The freaks were charging after us and eventually we drove down a dead end road where we were swamped. Everyone in the car completely lost it, and started trying to jump out and run but each time someone tried getting out they would just get eaten alive. I witnessed this in the most horrific way - blood was spraying everywhere, people screaming like feral animals, limbs falling into the car.

I barely escaped, I managed to crawl into the boot of the car and close the small hole between the seats before any of those freaks noticed. During the time I was in the boot, the vehicle was left running, so there was this horrid sound of the engine of the car mixed with people dying. I stayed there for hours waiting until all the screaming and moaning had passed. To be honest I have no idea why I came out of that alive, I should have died there and then... But I didn’t, and now I have this fear of cars. Being inside one doesn’t scare me. It’s just the sound of one while it’s running. I know that sounds strange to you, but you put yourself in that situation, and come find me and let me know how it feels.

That’s enough digging into my memory for one day... I need to keep a clear head for what’s to come.

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