Monday, April 11, 2011

Born again...

Thursday 3rd of March 2011 5AM

Why haven’t I turned yet? What’s going on here?

I just checked in the mirror and I noticed that the spots on my face are no longer black. They are more a brown/dark brown. Weird don’t you think? I just noticed something else - I can move my four broken fingers! This is really strange. I feel really tired but the burning feeling is all gone, and the gash on my back has already started to scab. I also can’t believe I’ve been asleep for two days without incident, I mean why haven’t the freaks attacked me yet?

I felt really hungry when I woke up, so I’m sitting here eating some dried meat I found in my bag... It tastes ok so I’m guessing it’s not off. I might try walking around for a bit, I haven’t even checked out this warehouse to see if it was secure!