Tuesday, March 29, 2011

And the hero will drown...

Sunday 27th of February 2011 11PM

I’ve titled this entry from one of my favourite songs back when the world was normal, and before you jump ahead, no, I don’t think of myself as a hero... but what happened in the last couple of hours will definitely explain the drowning part for you.

I didn’t think I had a chance against that creature. Once I closed my diary and placed it on the floor, I took my pack off. In my left hand I had my machete, in my right, the shotgun. I stood there in front of the door waiting for him to break it open, at this point in time I had given up. I knew this was the end for me, but I was tired of running. It was a strange moment in time, when everything seemed to slow down, the rain coming through the broken window, my breathing, everything was in slow motion. The splintering wood that hit my leg soon snapped me out of it.

This was it, the door finally gave way, and there in the archway was the creature. The first part I saw were those piercing glowing orbs that it had for eyes. It took a couple of steps forward and stood there. I gripped my weapons with a deathlike grip and screamed at it ‘Come on and get this over with!’ the creature snarled and bared it teeth, then charged towards me. I raised my shotgun and fired, at this close range there was no chance in missing and the slug hit the creature in the ribs – now all this happened within a split second because in reality the creature was probably only 5 steps away from me. The slug didn’t seem to deter it at all, and it hit me with such force that it drove me into the wall behind. I swung my machete (which was still in my left hand), and it connected with its shoulder, the creature howled in pain. It stood up, and for the first time I actually saw just how big this thing was.

It was easily a full head bigger than me. It grabbed my machete from its shoulder, and threw across the room. I did the last thing it expected, and charged at him! I tackled it to the ground, and began punching it as hard as I could. It felt like I was punching a brick wall, but I continued to pound it. It howled when a few of my stray punches connected with its face, and it threw me off. I landed hard on the ground face down. The creature came over and stood on my back, and with a swing of its arm clawed my back. Pain shot up through my body and I screamed for the first time in my life.

The creature howled but this time it was a victory howl, and somewhere nearby I heard the freaks howl in return. This creature was calling them. I was dazed and my vision narrowed, but right in front of me was my machete. I reached out for it with my left hand but the creature noticed and stomped on my hand, I heard a snapping noise and knew straight away that I had broken something. My fingers were now at a weird angle. Again I screamed in pain...

I willed myself to move and not give up, don’t die like this! I wriggled sideways, which was just enough to throw the creature off balance – I reached out for my machete and turned over. The creature jumped at me, and in one slow motion swing, my machete hit the creature on the neck, severing its head from its body. Its limp body landed right next to me, its head rolled off to the side – the eyes were no longer glowing.

So that’s it, it’s all over, I’ve been scratched which means I’m infected. My body hurts like hell, I can see my veins throbbing which is weird (signs of the virus I guess). I’m proud of myself though, of what I’m accomplished, of how much I’ve grown. I went down fighting, not hiding on rooftop or running.

I’ll continue to write as much as I can before I turn. But for now I need to attend my wounds, and get to safety before the freaks turn up.

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