Monday, March 7, 2011

She sells sea shells by the seashore...

Monday 21st of February 9PM

I had a fantastic meal before I left the house I was squatting in. It was fairly hard to leave such a nice place, in spite of everything happening right now I was content to stay right there. I left taking as much of the food as I could carry, and of course my new shotgun! I found a crap load more shells in the shed before leaving this morning. I took a little time shooting a few rounds off in the field making sure I understood what this thing could do. I was tempted to saw off the barrel like they do in the movies but decided against it, considering I had no idea what it was suppose to do?

I set out before midday after spraying the door of the house with my usual tag, and as I was walking along the road I realised there was something else I missed more than a medium rare steak... music... It’s been so long since I heard music! What I wouldn’t give to hear some music! I would even go as far as saying I would listen to the homeless guy that used to sing in the park for spare change, I think he used to sing ‘baa baa black sheep’...

As you can tell there hasn’t been much else to write about, I got a little more target practise on a few freaks along the way, and that’s about it. I have noticed that they are getting faster again. Maybe the closer I get to the city the more food there is for them? I definitely need to be more cautious as I get closer. I think that it will only take me a few more days to get there.

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