Monday, March 21, 2011

Run rabbit run...

Saturday 26th of February 2011 1:10PM

I’m holed up in some old apartment block, I know, not the best place to be in. I had no other choice as the freaks started to swamp me. Since I got into the city it’s been run, shoot, reload, repeat. The fact that it’s still raining is probably the only reason I haven’t been swamped. Although like I said, it’s been close.

I did my final checklist in the early hours of the morning. I must have looked like an idiot jumping up and down making sure nothing in my pack was making noise. I came into the city from the south, as I got closer I went from car to car hiding where I could. My first trouble came when I ran into the first group of freaks. I had no choice but to get rid of them, I was sick of trying to find another way into the city. There were around ten of them, which to me was a little worrying considering I have never taken on ten in a direct fight. I had two options left, either run straight and true, or dispatch all of them. Both options presented considerable risk. If I ran straight, they would definitely notice and come running, which would potentially attract even more. The second option was probably the best, although I ran the risk of getting bitten or scratched which would end my trip. If you have half a brain you’ve probably realised by now that I survived because I’m writing this right?

I got as close as I could to the freaks without them noticing me. The plan was simple - charge in guns blazing and kill them all. As I was running I aimed my shotgun at the nearest freak and fired, my shot went wild and missed (note to self: running and shooting like they do in the movies does not work, unless you have machine gun). The only thing this was successful in doing was announcing I was there. I took my machete out and swung as hard as I could. I hit the first freak in the middle of the head which killed him instantly. I pulled my machete out of his head and quickly climbed onto the nearest car. This was where I would make my stand. The rest of the freaks all reached me at once, all nine of them. Like a mad man I began swinging my machete, I hacked off the arms of the few nearest freaks, their limbs still twitching as they lay on the ground. Two of them were smart enough to climb onto the bonnet of the car and try from that angle, the first one I managed to kick back off. The second one had my machete embedded deep into his neck, he stood for a brief moment with his head slumped at an unnatural angle before falling off the car, this left around four to worry about.

The remaining freaks were a lot easier to deal with as I could keep an eye on all of them. Shortly after they joined the rest in a gruesome puddle of blood and severed limbs. I thought my ordeal was over, so I climbed down off the car and reloaded my shotgun, and headed towards the city.

As I got into the city I realised that the ten freaks I ran into was just a warm-up. They were absolutely everywhere! It wasn’t long before I was noticed, and so I did the only thing I could... run. And that’s how I ended up in this apartment block. It was the only place to run where they couldn’t see me enter the building. Even though it’s only slightly past midday I think I’ll stay here for the night.

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