Sunday, October 23, 2011

Don’t lie to me...

Tuesday 8th of March 2011 Time: Unknown (a few hours later)

My god, there are so many of them! I had to hide because they were starting to outrun me. Why the hell are these guys so fast? Is it because they sense food is not far away? Either way, they were getting too close for comfort. Any closer and they would have caught me, so I did what I do best... hide.

While I’m stuck here waiting for these freaks to get past, I’ll copy some of this diary that I found in that house yesterday. I think that lady deserves to be heard, even if it’s only a few words within my own diary. I’ll write what I can, but most of the pages are stuck together.

Dear Diary, (November 24th 2010)

My husband has been acting strange lately. He came home late again, I called his work to speak to him but when I called they said he left hours ago. When he got home I told him I called his work, but he just said he went to Jason’s house to finish off some work.
Dear Diary, (November 30th 2010)

I’m almost certain that my husband is having an affair. I know he’s a police officer and they work late nights, but he used to call me when he was running late before. Now he won’t even look at me when he gets home.
Dear Diary, (December 15th 2010)

I confronted my husband tonight. For the first time in 24 years we are sleeping in separate rooms. When I confronted him he just said “He can’t speak about his work” and “You don’t want to know”. What the hell is that suppose to mean? After 24 years of being together that’s all he can say to me? I’m going to pack tonight and leave with my daughter in the morning.
Dear Diary, (December 16th 2010)

I found my husband lying in the hallway this morning, breathing really heavy and looking pale. I had no choice but to stay, I couldn’t leave him like that. When I went to check my daughter I found she was in the same state. It looks like they have both caught a nasty flu or something similar.
Dear Diary, (December 18th 2010)

So now I’m feeling sick. It seems most of the neighbourhood is feeling it too. This morning trucks arrived with medical personnel to treat everyone. They deemed we were still ok so they promised to come back tomorrow to see us. My husband wants to talk to me now. He says he wants to tell me what’s been happening because he feels he doesn’t have much time left.
Dear Diary, (December 19th 2010)

My husband is now dead, and I fear my daughter will soon be dead as well. The medical people all left this morning. All they have done is put plastic everywhere in our house. They promised to look at us today but I guess that’s not going to happen anymore. I don’t even have the strength to call for help.

Last night I heard people screaming. I hope everything is ok. I feel this will be my last diary entry. So before I pass away, this is what my husband told me. He had been working guarding a secret facility north of our town. He couldn’t tell me this before because he was being monitored. He said people were being brought in and were being experimented on. He doesn’t know what was going on, but he said this sickness going around is something to do with what was happening at that facility. Everyone that that got sick never got better, they were just ‘disposed’’. I feel bad for thinking he was up to something else. I knew he would never do anything to hurt me. I need to rest now, my daughter seems to be better as I can hear her running around again, although she is making quite a bit of noise. I better go open her door to make sure she’s ok.

So that’s all I could gather from the diary, I’m glad I picked this up now. I got a bit more information on the virus and just as I thought, it was man-made. Typical, some idiot thinks he can play god by tampering with human lives and now look at the consequences. I do find it funny that I’m heading north towards the facility that was mentioned.

It seems a little quieter now. I think most of the freaks have gone past. Time for me to go! This will certainly be the first time I’ve actually stalked them instead of the other way around, but hey there’s a first time for everything right?