Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Get to the chopper...

Wednesday 23rd of February 3:45PM

Well I’m here at the outskirts of city, sitting by a campfire cleaning my gun. My journey towards the city is getting harder and harder. Tuesday was pretty much smooth sailing, however from Tuesday night? That’s a different story.

So there I was Tuesday night sleeping in a hotel in a small suburb outside the city, no signs of life yet found I would just like to note. Not exactly sure what time it was, but it was the sound that woke me up. A horrible wail, almost like a wolf howling at the full moon, I ran to the window with my shotgun in hand and there across the road was a pack of those things shambling down the road together. But that’s not what caught my attention. There lingering at the back of the pack was a creature hunched over, crawling along the ground sniffing the air like a dog. You could clearly see it was once human. Its spinal cord was jutting out, and its face still almost resembled a human, almost... It had red glowing eyes which seemed a little too bright, like radiation or something like that. It stopped directly across from my hotel and sniffed the air towards me, I stood peaking out through the curtains, I didn’t even realise I had stopped breathing.

This new creature sniffed the air a few more times in my direction. Then it stopped and opened its eyes wide, and let out that horrible wail. The pack of freaks stopped walking forward, and they all turned towards my hotel. Great I thought - how the hell am I going to get out of this one?

There were way too many of them for me to handle with my machete and single barrel shotgun. Another problem was I had nowhere to run, you see I was in one of those single level hotels, or I think they refer to them as motels? Who knows and frankly at the time I didn’t really care. I was out of options, I had become careless and relaxed and my gear was spread out through the room, there was no way I was leaving this stuff. So I quickly turned my bed over against the door and jammed the wardrobe against the window and braced myself. Here they come. I heard them running up the railing and along the balcony. As they reached my door I raised my shotgun at the ready.

Then I heard a loud bang from a few rooms down. Glass sprayed out onto main road, and then I saw it.

A survivor...

I was so shocked I stood there motionless. I watched this person leap from the window, land on the grass and roll like some sort of commando. The creatures were on to the survivor so fast. As this person was running they took something out of their pocket and pressed what looked like a remote control. A dark van up ahead roared to life. This person was definitely well prepared. With one quick motion the person jumped into the van and sped off in the direction of the city. The freaks charged off after them.

Now I’m camped out on the main road with a fire going hoping that I’m more visible so any other survivors will see me. I’ve set out trying to track this other survivor down but I’ve got no previous skills in tracking anything apart tracking when my next free coffee was due. One more thing to note before I end this entry, I have no idea where that crawling creature went. I certainly didn’t see it run after the van like the rest of the freaks. Tonight I sleep with my gun in hand.

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