Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Hell on earth...

Sunday 27th of February 2011 2:30AM

These past few hours have been hell for me, I’m running on pure adrenaline right now. Anything that moves or makes a sound and I’m ready to shoot at it, I thought by writing in here it might help calm my nerves.

A few hours ago I was in an apartment block around three floors up. I heard something roaming around, and then I heard glass breaking. That crawling creature found me! I have no idea what the hell it is, but it managed to find me in that apartment block. I had no time to do anything except run. Since I’m not totally stupid I had kept everything in my pack just in case of a situation like this. Unfortunately this creature had the lower staircase covered, so I had to run up. This was one of those older type apartment blocks so there was one central staircase which spiralled around the middle, and between the staircase was the lift (non-operational of course). I ran up and up, I lost count of how many floors there actually were. This creature right on my tail, I could hear it thumping up the stairs. I didn’t even dare look back to see how close it was. When I reached the top floor I smashed through the fire escape door shoulder first. Once on the roof I had no-where to go. I thought there might have been a ladder heading down but I was wrong. And then the creature reached the roof.

I stood there in the rain looking at it, knowing full well this creature was a lot stronger than your average freak. I was a lot closer to it this time around, and I noticed that apart from its spine jutting out, there was some sort of brown liquid oozing from holes in its back. Its hands were missing most of its skin, and in some places you could actually see the bones. It also had teeth protruding through the side of its cheeks where patches of meat were missing. I actually felt physically ill looking at it. It sniffed the air towards me, why did it keep doing that? Then it hit me... it was blind. The red glow was coming from empty eye sockets. I looked behind me to the next apartment block, the jump I could probably make but I would need a run-off. Screw this I thought, there is no way I can take this thing on right now.

I ran from where I was and jumped as far as I could. I hit the edge of the building hard but managed to hold on and pull myself over. Without missing a beat, I got up and ran. I didn’t look back to see where the creature was, or whether it was actually still following me.

I’m resting on the ground floor this time... not making the same mistake twice. During my jump I must have dropped my machete because it’s no longer strapped to my pack. I’m glad the shotgun is still there, although I do feel a little naked without my machete. My plan is to rest up until first light, then head into the ally way where I jumped over to look for my machete. And then I press on...

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