Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Strike 3! You’re out....

Tuesday 8th of February 4:30AM

I’ve started to write the time and date before I start any further entries, at least this way should the digital watch run out of battery I will still be able to keep track of the date. Not to mention it keeps me sane, being alone for an extended period is not recommended.

I’ve just woken up after hearing a loud crashing sound out the front of the house. I got up to take a look, and one of those things is outside shambling around “did that thing follow me?”, I’m nearly 100% sure I passed him whilst riding up from the from city. I was extremely cautious when I passed him and I know he didn’t see me, so why the hell is it here now?

I really do think they can sense humans, because he isn’t going anywhere, it’s just standing outside in the front yard looking at the ground. They still give me the creeps. I need to decide if I should go outside and take care of it before it makes anymore noise. Ok you know what? I want to test that theory of the weak spot again. If I don’t make any further entries then you know it didn’t work.

Well I’m back and I’m alive. And wow, that weak spot seems to be it. Not sure if has anything to do with the skull being weak there or something like that, like I said I’m not a doctor. I guess you want me to write what happened? Ok then.

I didn’t have any weapons with me, but I managed to find a nice solid plank of wood just outside the backdoor. I crept around the side of the house with the intent of sneaking up on him, as I walked down the side and approached the front I raised the plank of wood over my head. As I rounded the corner I prepared myself, oh great! It had moved... it was no longer at the front, “where the hell did it go?” I couldn’t help but think about those movies where the stupid hero tries to sneak up on someone only to take his eyes off the enemy, meanwhile the enemy circles around and grabs the hero from behind!

Thinking he was behind me definitely sent a shiver down my spine, but to my relief there it was. It had moved to the middle of the driveway. Well it didn’t really make things easier because now I couldn’t sneak up on it. There was nowhere to hide between me and where it was standing. There was nothing left to do apart from run straight at it, I burst out from hiding and within a few quick strides I had reached it. Of course by this time it had noticed me too and turned to face me, with a snarl it raised its arms with the intent of ripping off my face no doubt.

Either I was lucky or I was quicker, before it had a chance to attack I swung the plank and it smashed against the side of its head. It frothed at the mouth and fell to the ground, it was still slightly moving so I stomped on its head. Now it was definitely dead. I felt like writing “Cody Matthews Was Ere” on its forehead but decided against it. I may be going crazy at times, but I’m definitely not going to start turning into a country hick.

That took a while to write, but it actually happened within the last 30mins. I’m tired, and exhausted, and I’ve never been a morning person. The world may have turned to crap, but I still refuse to get up early if I don’t need to, that being said, I'm going back to bed.

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