Wednesday, February 2, 2011

How it all began, again...

Ok let me start again, or rather, let me start from where I left off yesterday. You’d better appreciate this because it took me two friggen hours to find this stupid diary after I threw off the building. Do you realise how hard it is to find something this small in the dark, with those things roaming around? I guess you don’t because I failed to try and explain it to you yesterday.

So let me try this again, wait... I just checked my first entry and realised I’ve never properly introduced myself. Ok ok, I’ll just do this thing.

My name is Cody Matthews and this is my story of survival in a world gone crazy (how much does that sound like a script for a movie? Ha!). So yesterday I was explaining how it all started for me, and how I found John. If you don’t know who John is, then I suggest you read my first entry because I ‘m not going to write all that again, and if the page is missing all together? Well you can thank those freaks for ripping it up.

So back to John. After he had broken his leg and fallen over, he let out a high pitch wail. This got the attention of others in the office, a few that were close by came running in to see what had happened. By this time I had my back against the wall. Those that came running in were in complete shock after seeing John lying on the floor all bloodied up. John moved his head up, and looked directly at me (I’ll always remember the look in his eyes). It was like something had snapped in John, and again he wailed. He stretched out his arms and started crawling towards me, he couldn’t get a proper grip on the tiles so he kinda thrashed around on the ground. One of the guys who I didn’t recognise went towards John to help him, and as he placed his hand on John’s arm, John growled and bit him! That’s right! He bit him! Right on the leg!

This spurred me into action, and I grabbed the unknown guy by the waist and tried to pull him away. The rest was a blur for me to be honest, I remember freaking out and I have flash backs of kicking John in the head. The only other memory I have after that is me lying in the corner of the bathroom puking up my guts. I also remember looking over at John as he lay there motionless, and I kept thinking to myself “oh god I killed him!”

The police and ambulance arrived sometime later, I’m not quite sure when. The guy who had his leg bitten introduced himself to one of the cops as Mark Neary, I recognised the name immediately. He was the CEO of our company. I agreed to head to the police station to give my statement, there was no point in going to the hospital, I mean I didn’t get injured right? Just because I vomited my Singapore noodles (not that you needed to know that).

Hold on, one of those bastards is up here, I can hear him...

Ok I’m back, tricky little shit crawled up into the vent. Anyway, so that’s what happened to John, and how it all started. Tomorrow I’ll tell you what happened between then and the now. But for now I need some rest, and I need to seal this vent to make sure none of them can sneak up on me while I sleep tonight.

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