Thursday, February 17, 2011

Road to recovery...

Sunday 13th of February 12:45PM

I’ve been asleep for two days now. My last memory was falling asleep on Friday. I’m obviously not infected as I would have been running around like a mindless freak by Friday afternoon if I had been. I’m glad I had enough time to grab my bag, as I have some small first aid supplies stored away in there. I have just finished cleaning and bandaging my arm. I swear the gash looked a lot worse on Friday... So strange

Well there’s not much to do right now because I need to rest a little more, so may as well write in my diary. You know I’ve never said this before, but there have been days where I’ve felt like giving up and joining everyone else that’s infected. But then I think to myself, there must be a reason that I’m here. I mean there was a reason that I started writing in this diary too right? Personally I hate writing, and all that tree hugging hippy crap people write about, but yet here I am. You right now, are my only friend.

I can’t remember the last time I actually saw somebody that wasn’t infected, but you know since I picked up this blank diary and started writing in it, I have been through a lot of crap. So either you’re leading me somewhere good, or you’re planning on killing me! Let’s hope it’s the first one eh?

Once I’m fit to travel I need to head off, when I left that attic I didn’t have much food left. And now well, if I don’t scoff this food I can stay put for another day MAX. I’ve actually never given it any thought as to where I was headed once I left that rooftop. But for now, I think I’m going to keep heading north. I’m going to try and find any survivors. Screw the freaks. I’m confident enough now to take some of them on safely.

That’s enough writing for now, I need to rest again.

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