Thursday, February 3, 2011

Now and then

Well, here I’ am just as promised. Between me and you, I’m starting to like this diary, makes me feel like I have someone to talk to. I plugged up the vent quite well. They tried getting through because I could hear em all night scratching at the metal plate I welded up to cover the vent.

So just looking back at my last entry I had finished explaining what happened to poor old John, so I guess I should start from there.

As I was saying, I went back to the police station to give a statement of what had happened, I even mentioned that I had attacked John when he refused to let go of Mark. The police didn’t really seem concerned with my statement to be honest, they just wrote down everything I said and then an officer dropped me home. I found that kind of strange considering a man had just died. Anyway, by the time I got dropped off home it was fairly late, I had a quick shower and pretty much fell asleep.

What happened over night, who knows? All I know is that this virus spread into our city like wildfire, in those few hours I slept, hell opened its gates into our city. And John was the first victim...

I guess I should explain the virus itself right? This virus apparently is a weird strain of rabies, that’s what someone told me ok! So don’t call me out on that. I don’t know anything about viruses or anything scientific and I’m not going to start pretending I do. This is all I can actually tell you about the virus

1) It’s not airborne
2) It can be contracted by getting bitten by another person infected with it
3) They seem to be only interested in the non-infected

What does this virus do you ask? Well chances are if you’re still alive and reading my diary then you know. But if you don’t then here, I’ll explain it for you anyway. This virus seems to alter a person’s perception of what’s right and wrong, once someone has this virus they go crazy. It’s not like those movies you’ve seen where they crave human brains or something weird like that, no not at all. They just attack you for no apparent reason, yeah I know, that’s the worst explanation ever. Unfortunately for you, it’s the best I’ve got.

That one night where everything changed was a while ago now, since then the world has gone back to basics, no power, no running water, none of that.

In the first few weeks people were in absolute chaos, it was a complete free for all, no safety zones, no military pick up, none of that crap. I was one of the few that didn’t leave my home, I had no-where to go, no family to visit, no one to care for... I was all alone. Eventually I had to venture out as I had run out of food, and I had no water left. The biggest mistake I ever made was leaving my home, once I did I was swarmed by those freaks, lucky for me I escaped by taking another car that had the keys in the ignition.

And so in the weeks after that, I had learned to survive and scavenge what I could. I ran into a few people hiding here and there but those that were infected always seemed drawn to us when we were in groups. So I left on my own again, this time I decided to come here on the rooftop of where I used to work, I dragged some gear up here and enough food for a while. I must admit, it’s getting awfully lonely up here.

So there you have it, that’s what happened up until now. I was considering throwing this diary off the rooftop again just to see where it lands, and in hopes that someone might one day pick it up and read it. But you know what? I think I’ll hold onto it just a little longer. I think it’s also time I left this rooftop and ventured out, and you know what else? I think you should join me...

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