Monday, February 14, 2011

Desperate measures...

Friday 11th of February 6AM

Good news is I’m out of the attic, the bad news? I’ve got a really nasty gash on my arm and I don’t know if it was from one of them, or, it happened when I escaped from the attic.

A few hours ago is when it all happened. I heard them scratching at the attic entrance, my guess is that some of them died and the others used them as steps to reach me. Either way, it didn’t matter because now I had no choice but to flee. I ran over to the corner where I had previously removed a tile and began kicking the others, but it was no use as they weren’t budging. I frantically looked around for something I could use, and I found a pipe attached to the wall. I grabbed hold and kept pulling until it gave in. With the pipe in my hand I began smashing the tiles. Once the gap was big enough I grabbed my pack and squeezed through.

Out on the rooftop I was actually able to see just how many of them had gathered around the house. At first I panicked, the ones inside had burst up into the attic, and ran straight towards me. I began hitting them with the pipe as they tried to get through the hole in the roof. It was grisly work, the horrible sound of the pipe as it smacked against their heads, and the blood splattering onto the tiles. I lost count of how many I had actually killed when my arm began getting numb. Then out of no-where I slipped on the tiles, it must have been from the blood. I fell off the roof, and down the side of the house. I was winded, but had no time to rest as I had three of them on me straight away. Just in front of me was the pipe, I grabbed hold and started swinging like a mad man.

The first one I got lucky with and I hit it on the side of the head which snapped its neck. The second was faster and it was already within reach, I brought the pipe back and used it to hold it at bay. I looked around for an escape, and the only way was over the fence next to me. I did what the creature wasn’t expecting and I let the pipe go loose. It fell forward and stumbled, which was all the precious seconds I needed to get over the fence. But stupid me had totally forgotten about the third one, as I was halfway over the fence the third one came bounding in and grabbed my leg, he managed to twist my leg pretty hard before I could shake him off.

My leg was hurting bad, but I had little choice other than to run. Luckily those things aren’t very smart and it will take them a while to either break the fence down, or figure out they can run around it. I ran for as long as I could before nearly passing out, and now I’m resting here in the harbour on a boat. Hopefully they don’t follow me here, because I don’t really think I can put up a fight right now.

The blood loss from my arm was pretty severe. I actually didn’t know it was bleeding until I got here, I feel really shaky and tired right now. I’m praying to god that this isn’t a symptom of the virus.

*The rest of the page is stained with blood*

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