Sunday, February 27, 2011

Uncle Sam...

Sunday 20th of February 12PM

As I write this, I’m sitting in a beautiful kitchen. I’ve just cooked some lunch with fresh vegetables from the garden here. I also managed to find a pantry full of preserved meat. I’ve been living on canned food for so dammed long it feels like I’m at a 5 star restaurant right now. If I didn’t feel like I had to continue North, I would probably be happy here in this house.

I spotted this house late yesterday afternoon, rather than spend another night out in the open I decided to investigate and possibly stay the night if the place was secure enough. As I approached the front door I noticed that it had been previously boarded up but it had been smashed open. Not the best start. I took my machete out after noticing this, and entered the house cautiously. To the left was the lounge room, and on the right, was a piano room. Sitting down at the piano was the current tenant.

I intended to sneak up behind and pretty much just chop its head off, as I got close to him I kicked a cup on the ground which I didn’t see. The creature instantly turned in my direction, and to my horror it had no face left, well I could see its teeth but its eyes were gone. It looked like someone put his face on a cheese grater. This kind of explained why it didn’t notice me as soon as I walked in the door. The creature got up and started forward towards me, I know it couldn’t see me but it was still dangerous. I walked back towards the front door, but making sure I kept my eyes on this thing the entire time. It shambled forward, tripping over the cup that I had kicked, this was my chance. I ran forward and swung my machete hitting this thing right above the neck, as it hit blood sprayed everywhere. Luckily none of it landed on me.

I dragged his limp body outside and dumped it a little ways from the front door. I checked each room in the house to make sure there were no other surprises lurking about, and what I found in the master room was fantastic. I found my first gun! And it had a box of shells right next to it. I have never actually shot a gun in my entire life, and all I know is that this is a single barrel shotgun. I mean how hard could it actually be to shoot a gun?

I plan to set out early tomorrow taking as much of the food with me as I can. Who knows, I might return to this house one day, but for now I need to keep moving on. Before I set out I will spray the front door with the same message as I sprayed on the car “Cody Matthews – Heading North” followed by the date.

Ok enough writing its time to eat!

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