Monday, February 21, 2011

Little drummer boy...

Friday 18th of February 2011 5PM

I’ve been walking for four days now, this damn highway never ends! I’ve even started looking for those creatures so I have something to do. I managed to find a few, must have been farmers from the area. Either way, I got a little practice with my knife.

One interesting thing I did come across was a child around the age of 10. Funny how this was the first one I had seen at such a young age. I found him wondering around in a large paddock. At first I thought I’d found a survivor, and as I ran towards him I noticed that wasn’t the case. I immediately stopped once he noticed me, as he looked up I could see he was just another one of them, I actually felt sorry for him. That is, until the little bastard ran at me, a quick boot to the face was all it took to bring this one down. Call me heartless if you will, but as my boot connected with his face, I must admit it felt kind of good and I yelled out “that’s for my letterbox!” that sounds a little random so I better explain that part. You see I had a little brat that lived next door to me, who kept blowing up letter boxes on my street, and this boy kind of looked like him. Well ok, he looked nothing like him but he was a little boy! So that’s close enough right? Ok fine I’ll admit I was just bored and this stupid creature happened to be around.

Well that was the highlight of my 4 days of travelling on this stretch of highway. I guess I better enjoy it while it lasts, because it’s going to be hell trying to get through the big city.

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