Monday, February 7, 2011

One man's trash...

So here I am, in a little house a few hours north of the city. It’s been a few days since I left the safety of the rooftop. I actually lost track of how long I was up there for, why did I go there to begin with? I’m not sure, but everyone knows humans are creatures of habit, and perhaps what I did was purely out of habit.

I had little trouble leaving the rooftop, apart from one minor hiccup. As I reached the door to the loading dock I could hear one of them breathing, it sounded like someone with a blocked throat trying to breathe fast and heavy. I figured I could just open the door really fast and knock him over, giving me enough time to get away. And so I did, I pushed the door open as fast, and as hard as I could – I hit it right smack in the face. The moment I set foot outside I started running. As I glanced back I managed to miss a chuck of tarmac sitting in the middle of the road... And over I went. I fell pretty hard considering I had an extra 20 or so kilos loaded into my pack. I scrambled to get up as fast as I could but within seconds it was on my back. The worst thing about them is the way they smell up close, imagine a dead fish sitting in a hot vent for a few weeks, get it? Well times that by 10 and you’ll get a rough idea.

I struggled to try and keep this thing on my back, why on my back you ask? Well there was a pack separating him from me, and because I knew the further it was away from me, the less chance I had of getting scratched or bitten. Although the longer I stayed on the ground pinned down, the more chance his friends would hear and come running. This one in particular was extremely viscous, it kept clawing at my pack and I heard a couple of its fingers snap during its rampage. During our scuffle I managed to grab the chuck of tarmac I tripped over, and with one wild desperate swing I hit it right on the temple. After that hit it stopped moving and slumped down.

Note to self: Something worth watching for in the future, I wonder if that’s a weak spot?

I climbed back onto my feet, and without waiting to see if it really was dead I set off again. This time I kept a low profile, ducking and weaving in-between the old abandoned cars. I managed to find one form of transport, a woman’s bicycle. Great I thought to myself, of all the transport I could manage to scrounge up, a woman’s bike, oh it was a fantastic shade of pink as well. Well, I guess you can’t be too picky in this world.

So I rode for a few hours without any hassle from those things, and I set up shop in this small house, I spent the first couple of nights fixing the broken windows, and making sure this place was ‘freak proof’, and now I’m settling in for another night. One thing I managed to find here in one of the drawers was a digital watch, so now I know the date. As I write this it’s the 7th of February 2011, looks like I missed the New Year celebrations...

Another note to self: My birthday is in 4 weeks time, will have to think of something to do to celebrate it, after all I am turning 30.

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