Sunday, February 20, 2011

Hop and a skip...

Monday 14th of February 8PM

My arm felt ok this morning so I got up around the 8-9am mark and packed my gear. Before I left the marina I did a little hunting around see if I could locate some useful gear. I managed to find some rope, flares, a few cans of white spray paint, packets of dried fish, and the best thing of all - a nice big knife. I look like some sort of vigilante with this thing strapped to the back of my pack. And so with a few new supplies, I left the marina far behind me I headed north.

I took to walking along the main road. Well I was pretty sure it was the main road, I actually haven’t been this way for a long time. As I walked along I was amazed at how quick everything had deteriorated, I guess without constant attention everything just withers away. I figured that if I stayed along the main road I would eventually come across hotels/motels, and from there I can start searching each one for signs of any survivors. That is, until I reach the next big city. Once I reach there I will really need to be cautious, I imagine the city will be crawling with those things. This city I’m headed to is a lot bigger than the one I left behind. With my current pace, plus a stop over each night (I never travel at night), I estimate that I’ll be there in around 10 days. Although I’ve never walked this distance before so I could be way off in my estimate.

I had been walking all day and saw nothing but trees! It’s such a strange feeling walking down a highway, and not seeing a car, a bird, crickets, nothing.... The world is in complete silence, and I’m still not completely used to it. And now, the night is here and I managed to find an abandoned car. I squeezed through the man hole in the backseat and I’m sleeping in the boot of the car. I don’t want to take any chances of being spotted sitting inside the car. Tomorrow before I set out again, I’m going to spray the side of the car with the spray paint I found at the marina, I’m going to write “Cody Matthews – Heading North” followed by the date. I know it doesn’t sound like much but like I said, I’m no pro writer.

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