Sunday, September 25, 2011

Transcripts of a radio call...

Tuesday 8th of March 2011 Time: Unknown (early morning)

“Hello? Hello? Can anyone hear me?”


“This is Lt Lars of the human freedom fighters, identify yourself?”

“You can hear me? This is amazing! My name is Cody Matthews and I’m all alone. I don’t exactly know where I’ am but there are a lot of dead soldiers here, whatever happened here I just missed it”

“Mr Matthews, are any of the soldiers alive? Any of them?”

“I’m sorry Lt, but I’ve been here for last 30mins looking around, I checked each and every person but they are all dead. What happened here?”

“Those men were meant to hold off the undead for as long as they could while we evacuated this centre. They were only the first wave. You must get out of the area as fast as you can Mr Matthews”

“Please just call me Cody, what do you mean first wave? where are you camped?”

“We are camped north of....can’t.... dangerous.....get out of.... now!...around you!”

I’m only taking a short break to write down what just happened. I can’t explain everything just yet! I have to move fast. The freaks are close, my god I’ve never seen so many before, I have to go now!

But before I do, Happy 30th birthday Cody...

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