Sunday, August 14, 2011

No turning back...

Sunday 6th of March 2011 7PM

I came across the most interesting thing this afternoon. It was around 4 or 5pm, I can’t quite remember. I was looking for a place to stop for the night when I came across what looked like an old camp site by the road. I thought this spot was as good as any. It had decent coverage and there was field behind it so anything trying to sneak up on you could be easily spotted. There were a lot of scattered dead leaves on the field, which I thought was odd considering I couldn’t spot any trees close by. But that wasn’t the interesting part.

I started walking around close by to gather some wood. The nearest trees were across the road on the opposite field. When I got back to the camp site I started breaking the wood to make a fire in the pit that was already there. As I placed the wood in the pit I noticed something odd, the rocks around the pit were warm? I moved some of the coals around and found some of them to be warm as well.

That means... someone was here recently!

There’s hope yet! I’ll admit after my incident in the city I was close to calling it quits. But wait a moment, what I don’t get is that I’m only roughly 2 days behind him or her (judging by the warmth from the rocks), but yet I was in the city for around a week? And the survivor I spotted wasn’t walking either, they were driving so this must mean it’s someone else!

Hang on a moment...

*10 mins pass*

Well whoever was here is extremely cautious. You know those dead leaves? What a brilliant idea! The person placed them on the field so when something approached it would make a crunching sound, simple but yet so effective. It was only one freak by itself. Stupid thing was easily taken care of. He was kind enough to bring me boots that were just my size though.

Ok well I can’t afford to stop now. I can walk well into the night, but before I go there’s something I’ve been meaning to start doing again...

* Cody picks up a piece of charcoal and writes on the biggest rock “Cody Matthews – Heading North, Sunday 6th of March 2011” *

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